Justice without Reparations is not Justice

Justice without Reparations is not Justice

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Above: Watch Sr Mary-Jane's First Reading of an article from Fagmedia.org on Rumble!

The “Covid Thing”, which some call a scam and others a plandemic, has exposed huge systemic failures, discriminations and we have seen how enthusiastically so called “democrats” - you know the ones who always screech shit about free speech is “a danger to our democracy” - have embraced tyranny and authoritarianism.

We are seeing the Western Rights Based Values being undermined and there is a most definite regression towards an uncivilised neo feudalism. The joy and excitement of the vaxxed, as they called for other people to be locked up, and forced into taking “untested” jibby jabbies - oops apparently they stopped testing on mice because the mice all died - remains a disgusting skid mark on "their" reputations. And folks kept the receipts!

Is safe and effective really code for Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island Visitors & Ghislaine Maxwell’s all unnamed clients feel unsafe because of the Great Awakening and so they needed an effective way of killing off the population that hates rich people who are child molestors? These are real questions that are raised when you follow the money trail underpinning the "science"!

The problem is that in Western Australia we have an under funded, badly run health system that already had a bad reputation for mistreating patients. We all know the dear leaders couldn't even build brand new hospitals that are not too small on completion. The public are rightly suspicious of the plans to sell off the central city teaching hospital because there is a perception that developers always pocket hefty profits of public money off public land sales, but RPH does remain an asbestos filled rabbit warren and it should be knocked down and a properly staffed and a lovely, clean hospital built. 

In the NGO sector there is the AIDS Gravy Train, on which, there is always money for exclusive catering for board members and their friends but poor people are usually told to shut up and go away when they ask to access the services, that said organisation is funded to provide. They used the excuse we do not fund social events to cancel the Christmas Party for Suffering AIDS Victims. But are not the catered parties for VIPs social events? 

Tick a box evaluations are the normal health promotion evaluation methodology and so it’s little wonder the science of program development of things like Peer to Peer Support is stuck in the 1990s. NGO orgs are great trumpeters of their “Peer Support” programs when in fact they are case managers who are basically controlling and isolating people to remove the ability of patients to organise on class lines against the oppressive authoritarianism that is now a feature of Health in WA. Staff Members whose aim is obviously to collect personal data on clients, do so with the enthusiasm of a Catholic Priest collecting blackmail material to help rule his flock, is not peer support nor is it very welcoming.  









The reason for Western Australia's "dog’s breakfast" as the NAPHWA President described the HIV Industry on Facebook, is that the Government’s response to HIV was to fling up their little hands & refuse to deal with the Gays and so they created NGOs to do their dirty work. This system has been corrupted by the voluntary nature of the funding, with tick a box self reporting evaluations and little to no record of the real experiences or any need to create real MIPA based quality of outcomes for the people who are supposed to be funded. Rather than a system of standard access policies it is the luck of the draw and access has been known to be based on popularity contests. Having money makes you very popular in Perth, while it lasts!

NGO advertising is always about "we’re here to help (insert x target population). But the problem is that trickle down economics is a bullshit theory. There are always too many higher up greedy individuals sticking their noses in the trough sucking up all the gravy and who don't care that they leave cat turds, for the people in whose name the funding is received.

In about 1999 the Australian Democrats Political party organised a take over of all the LGB, HIV & Trans Community & Media Groups in WA in order to push their electoral agenda. This take over coup was so successful that left wing political parties like the Greens and the Labor Party have continued this practice. So this means that highly paid union workers and other party operatives are able to pose as grassroots voices in pubic while banning and bullying vulnerable individuals off camera. Thus members of the public should know there are no legitimate grassroots LGB, HIV & Trans representatives in the self appointed "peak" bodies of the politically biased system.

Health Workers all seemed quick to jump on the Covid Authoritarian Bandwagon like lemmings over a cliff. The useless idiots just following along is one thing but Many of them are knowingly going along with programs that undermine human rights and endanger the health and wellbeing of people. The term Health Consumer is presented as a lovely descriptor but isn’t it just another term rich people use for useless eater?

It was very disappointing that Vaccine Status was used to exclude the most vulnerable HIV people from HIV events leaving positive people, who would not agree to being coerced into a medical experiment, without informed consent, and thus people were banned from essential support services because a small group of petty and cruel people could not a maintain safe and welcoming environment without Stigmatisation aka bullying. Worse there was the AIDS Industry’s ridiculous advice to have sex without a condom, coz the prep investment must be realised, but wear a mask. How many people are giving blow jobs with a mask? This was like the Tik Tok nurse videos a clear mockery of the public and if it was an intelligence test then it is clear that the vast majority failed.

Compounding all of these problems is the fact that there is a lack of any oversight of these NGO programs. It’s common knowledge that if you complain about services or staff misconduct then you get banned from AIDS services. That’s right, it’s not the person being bullied that gets punished by the system. When a complaint is lodged a whole army of people descend like a swarm to protect the staff member and attack the victim. In the Gay type orgs there has also been a very slack morality attached to staff having sex with clients and this means that many HIV+ people are refusing to attend events where they feel that they are obliged to put up with inappropriate sexual environments.








This also raises the question how can a positive person give informed consent to sex when they know that saying No will lead to punitive action, that will leave them without essential supports. HIV/AIDS is being presented as solved by powerful lobby groups and individuals but this totally erases the lived experience of the many Suffering AIDS Victims who live, "out of sight and out of mind", with chronic conditions, many of which were caused by Dr Fauci's medical "experiments" with poisons like AZT.

Let's not forget that for positive people living alone the total cutting off of HIV services over the pat years has led to many feeling like they are prisoners in solitary confinement. The Geneva convention states that solitary confinement is a war crime yet it's routinely used by AIDS Organisations as a method to ensure there is no one able to question the human rights abuses inherent within the current system.

It should not take the AIDS Council 12 months to decide to have a buddy program. When you have AIDS 12 months can be a lifetime. I remember when the AIDS Council staff decided to block the walkway to the AIDS Memorial garden so people could not enter it when it was first opened on World AIDS Day. No apology was given to the people in wheel chairs who could not see the plaques of their loved ones. And yes someone did die before they were able to see the plaque of their loved one on a World AIDS Day.  No one got the sack for that!

Heterosexual Men, perhaps some who got infected by a Gay man, so have issues, are under the current system forced to engage with Gay Men because the HIV Industry all seem to have a problem engaging with and employing Heterosexual Men to work with heterosexual men. Perhaps if there wasn’t a meat market culture attached to every new person attending events, then people might not have stopped attending what events #HAPAN. At Board Meetings, I have heard a lot of bitching about how terrible straight men are without any present, so it’s obvious that the AIDS Industry has successfully implemented the policy of “everyone is welcome but some are more welcome than others” policy to deter the riff raff and lest we forget, in good commie fascist tradition, the riff raff are anyone with ideas the rulers don't want expressed.

Intra Organisational bullying is when a staff member at one agency will get a friend in another agency to attack the person. So no where ends up being safe because the toxic workplace cultures are endemic. Like mould in a dirty bathroom, these workers conspire together to harm clients using plausible deniability as their methods and with a lack of any care for the consequences for the client. Suicide merely removes a problem for those cruel staff who are protected by the voluntary complaint system. Where is the Justice? And Reparations?

The reality is that voluntary complaints resolutions involving an individual vs a powerful organisation may look good on paper but in my experience over 20 years, I have never seen any agreement that has not been broken or undermined by the organisation. The origin of the Health Consumer’s Council was that it was made not as an organic response to helping people, but it was to provide an exit strategy to get a very unpopular AIDS Council CEO a job, without giving them any power to do more damage to the community. Ergo the Gubberment decided against a statutory complaints mechanism and as it currently stands the Health Consumer Council say they are closed for individual complaints. #Coincidence that #DiedSuddenly is now a thing?








This is not a surprise! The Australian Political party system is so corrupted by secret society BS that none of them will vote for a federal crime and corruption commission because no one wants to get in the way of all the Nancy Piglosi style Reps who seem to be the only ones chosen for high office. So if the high offices are corrupt then how can people have any faith in Satan's lower down minions?

Thus it is quite clear that WA’s Health System provides no real protection for people who have to engage with the health industry. Australia has no coherent social media platforms for individuals to connect and organise. Groups which are presented as authentic grassroots movements always seem to be run by folks throwing masonic hand signs. You can see that instead of standing outside the governor's office as one does in a constitutional monarchy these fake leaders have people walking around the streets and screaming at empty buildings! Ergo I'm not the only one who thinks the term controlled opposition springs to mind.

And yes, to the Sisters who are reading this, I am well aware that the Sisters have our own problems with authoritarians whose jobs seems to block any ideas other than theirs (and their political friends) from being implemented.

The only acceptable complaints mechanism is a statutory authority which has the power to force the discovery of behind the scenes docs that proves harm was knowingly done, which are always deliberately made unavailable and bring truth into the sanitising light. Powerful NGO, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry groups and their friends are hardly complying with discrimination laws now so what do you think happens when a complaint is lodged? Are complaints processes merely a way for the rulers to muddy the legal waters and identify who needs to be further punished?

Whether or not I like the HCC or not the truth is that outside of hospitals an organisation can just say no to their intervention and hospitals are under no obligation to implement the agreements reached. In my experience every positive person I have helped seek a resolution has been disappointed and more damaged by the failure of the AIDS Industry to adhere to the agreement. And the HCC simply does not have the power to compel any form of real justice if the system doesn't want it!

The biggest problem is there are no reparations built into the system so essentially if a patient is permanently injured by a hospital, it is the patient who is abandoned to pay for their lifetime of care and this is unacceptable. There also needs to be an independent medical review process so harms caused in hospitals can be diagnosed and mitigated so that an injured patient can recover their maximum level of function & pain management. There are many stories of LGBT & Disabled people not being discharged with a care plan and we are hearing stories of overseas doctors refusing to treat LGBT people. If the AIDS Council, The HCC & WA Health really wanted to stop this they could!

The whole world know that a significant financial penalty is the only thing that will change and deter the entrenched bully’s behaviours and real Justice & Repartions with protection for victims of crime needs to be a core part of the resolution process, which does not exist in Western Australia.








Think about it - When was the last time you heard of an AIDS industry staffer being sacked for breaching privacy? As the former, Chairperson of People Living with HIV/AIDS WA Inc  I am very well aware of how common as muck this is and while HIV and Domestic Violence are linked, the Left wing and feminist based ideological agenda that has taken over the AIDS Industry refuse to do anything meaningful about the problem! Revealing someone’s HIV status results in loss of friends and/or family and is a direct cause of suicide, but still staff breach privacy in social "games". I have sat in the high office itself and listened to confidentiality beaches and I was laughed at and mocked when I raised concerns about the information that was being bandied about, like matches thrown from an arsonist on a hot windy day!

If grassroots people are to have any confidence in the health system then justice needs to be seen to be done. The reality is once you are in those hospital doors and in the surgery there is nothing to stop dangerous staff from harming patients. There MUST be consequences for harming a patient or a client in an NGO and these MUST include reparations for the damage caused. We need to return to the time when a person found to be releasing private medical information is immediately sacked to send a message to all the rest of the bullies. 

It's interesting that the WA Government is gleefully setting up cameras all over the place to track law abiding citizens so why are these cameras not being installed in hospitals and care settings so that family members and individuals have the evidence to prove they have a good doctor. The sheep keep bleating about if you have nothing to hide, well if the medical establishment is as "kosher" as they say, then they won't mind cameras in operating theatres then, will they?

Overseas Trained Medical Staff MUST be provided with education to ensure that they understand discrimination laws and work contracts need to be conditional on meeting those legal obligations. The horror stories that I have heard and my personal experience is that these overseas trained people bring with them attitudes of hostility and Australia should not be employing in our medical system unvetted individuals from countries that throw gays of roof tops or are high organ and human trafficking destinations.

If the Government was serous about safe and effective then wouldn't penalties for harming patients be in place and enforced with a process of justice and reparations made easy to access? The 1990s NGO model are riddled with entrenched systems that serve the staff and the organisations so I am not sure how these unfit for purpose models could be maintained in a truly safe and effective health care system. It should be noted that a number of grassroots organisations have raised serious questions about how when cuts happen it’s always the services for the vulnerable that are stopped while the budget for catering for board members, staff and their friends, is an ever increasingly protected item.








Funding given to help suffering AIDS Victims should not be diverted to pay for gay events for hiv negative people and if there is no money for a Positive people's Christmas party then it is the Board who are morally required to give up their monthly catering. Positive people who can't afford to eat, should not be subsiding expensive catering budgets, office chairs and computers for workers and their friends! The biggest McScrooge factor of course, is that at what is arguably the richest AIDS organisation in Australia, when a suffering AIDS Victim comes home after surgery and cannot lift, there is not a staff member or a Volunteer Co-ordinator who is willing and able to lift heavy laundry baskets to the line. It's a very "Mingy McScrooge" & petty-cruel approach indeed that has led to the most basic of services being cut, so staff can lord it around without getting their hands besmirched by the riff raff's washing!

Staff, including nurses and doctors who knowingly harm patients or carry out medical procedures should be sent to jail. All of those who kill patients or traffic organs should be given an on the spot, no appeal, death penalty because after all, the secret societies prove that the only way to stop undisciplined crime is to make an example of a few to keep the rest in line. Exceptional and High Sentience level Doctors, Nurses etc should be the only ones rewarded with pay increases and work opportunities!

There have been many calls for the wholesale merger of the BBV & STI Industry to stop the waste and mismanagement & deliver real MIPA Based services but the only person who I have met with in person who ever taken the concerns of positive people seriously was the former leader of the Opposition, Lisa Harvey. I cannot say the same for her health spokesperson and I have not been invited to meet the current occupant of any high office. The political operatives that rule community groups with a rod of iron are only interested in getting discussions bogged down in spell checking to avoid actually doing anything so that the shitty status quo remains. And why would these political operatives give up the gravy train when the higher ups don’t give up theirs? Sadly the leaders of the AIDS industry have turned WA into a shithole for positive people which in the words of one of my "fans" is "delightful", if you are eating Conrad's catering. 

These political operatives in community groups are undermining democracy and faith in the health care system. This with HIV, results in late diagnosis and failure to access treatments. I remember when the ALP reps from NAFWA ran around screeching about viral load in the community rising due to the community pharmacy policy yet is it not these same highly visible political operatives in NGOs who are stopping people from accessing HIV services? So speak to me slowly, who is really causing the increase in HIV viral load in the community?

We all know people who have suicided because there is no support for male victims of domestic violence. We all know older trans people who have killed themselves after long term exclusion for not being able to "pass" or dress like the rich girls do. And we all know that Positive People have killed themselves after lodging a complaint about harm and had their access to essential medical services terminated. So there is no excuse for the culture of silence and cover up!

I think the people getting screwed in WA’s LGB, HIV & Trans Communities are the most vulnerable and those with disabilities and when I say screwed I mean not in a good way and really by this late stage everyone knows about the toxic leaders and their clique run mob rule! Mind you given the #PfizerFiles in the #TwitterFiles, it would appear that Knowingly is also going to be a real bitch when the lawsuits for personal liability start flowing!



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