Welcome to Kindness Unedited

Welcome to Kindness Unedited


Welcome to the new website for Kindness Unedited. We have decided to conduct an experiment with our .shop domain, though it is looking more like a construction zone than a shopfront for mugs.

At the moment we are almost up to date with the YouTube & Health Policy Categories. We are thrilled to have so many views and positive comments coming from people who are not happy about the rising threat posed by the commie-fascists who want to take away all our rights to establish a kingdom for parasites built upon their commitment to eugenics and genocide! 

Above: A Martin Geddes Reading at Fagmedia on #Rumble

Either way, not all of us want to live in a shit hole run by arseholes who all seem to be the un jailed clients of Epstein & Maxwell. Some are protesting with the controlled opposition. Some are pretending to be good to hide their true natures ands some of us are actively trying to create a rights respecting society in which kindness is not thrown out the window with the children. #ExposeThe28

We look forward to continuing to publish our videos and it is our hope that a world based on kindness, compassion and justice with reparations will emerge from the Gates' arrest!



March Memes 2023