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The Biden Economic Plan Has Been Great For Ukraine but less so for the rest of us. Rising inflation caused by corrupt & wasteful governments is causing many people to be in Financial Hardship and so Fagmedia invites our viewers to assist us to keep our work free and online! 

Option One: BuyMeACoffee/Fagmedia

Above this is our Buy Me a Coffee Promo at Fagmedia on Rumble. We think after nearly decades of distributing free photographs in the name of community development & being scared of being called grifters, Fagmedia has decided to provide Members of the Gathered Faithful an opportunity to assist fund Sister Mary-Jane's Retirement! 

So if you want Sister Mary-Jane to Shut Up and Fuck Off then dust the cobwebs off your wallets! 

Promo Video One: We do Readings for a donation! 

Above: Catster Video on Rumble for more information!

This is a Fagmedia Website video for our Kindness Unedited Shop Video

It's a reading of "Scientists Discover New Meaning for Cat Chattering" from:

We have also included a bunch of short videos from Telegram which are funny, satirical and educational all wrapped in cat pics - because we do that with every video we make to add seasoning and texture to the narratives of the day!

Free Photographs?

"Perth to Sydney via NZ & the UK" Photography by James Rendell CADT Photography. These image are published as "open source" and maybe "re-used" by grassroots unfunded individuals and not for profit artistry types etc with the Photography Credit  "James Rendell CADT Photography" .

And because this is the KindnessUnedited.Shop & in the era of Bidanopilous Economic Inflationary shithole trends, we find ourselves needing to generate some "lifestyle funding" for things like food etc, so Funded Organisations and Folks with Funds are invited to make a donation to the Artist when they utilise our images.

To donate etc contact Wayne [at] Fagmedia [dot] org

James Rendell Established the Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust aka CADT Photography in 1998. 

Fagmedia was established in 2001 by the Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust (CADT) to provide an alternative media service for people who think in the Queer Community. Caer-Awen was concerned that LGB & HIV related issues are of little interest to mainstream heterosexual media.

Fagmedia bridges the gap between the mainstream and GLBTIQ Communities by providing an investigative style journalism to review brand name organisations. A Brand Name Organisation is one that derives income from [and/or engages with] LGB, HIV & Trans People and (should) operates within a constitutional incorporation model.

Fagmedia also offers a range of special light entertainment through our coverage of social events.

March Memes 2023